Friday The 13th Complete 1-8 Box Set [DVD]

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Friday The 13th Complete 1-8 Box Set [DVD]

Friday The 13th Complete 1-8 Box Set [DVD]

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Inevitably, one by one, they run into the machete-wielding, hockey-masked Jason who's back to do some slashing. Poppycock, I say) with commentary by Scott Reeves, Jensen Daggett, and Kane Hodder; a making-of featurette; deleted scenes; and—inexplicably—a gag reel. There's also Friday the 13th Chronicles, Part IV (13:16/SD); Secrets Galore Behind the Gore - Tom Savini on Part IV (13:30/SD); Lost Tales From Camp Blood - Part 4 (6:22/HD); Slashed Scenes with Commentary by Director Joseph Vito (15:20/HD); Jason's Unlucky Day: 25 Years After Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (11:03/HD); The Lost Ending (3:22/HD); The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited, Part I (18:10/HD); Jimmy's Dead Dance Moves (2:09/HD); and the film's Theatrical Trailer 1:56/SD). There are twelve Friday films if you count the reboot and their quality ranges from great ( Friday the 13th) to decent ( Jason X) to awful ( Jason Takes Manhattan). This sequel is decidedly less polished than the original (which is saying something) and only lead actress Amy Steel does anything of note with her part.

Also included are The Friday the 13th Chronicles, Part VIII (14:32/SD); New York Has a New Problem - The Making of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (18:02/HD); Slashed Scenes (12:56/HD); a Gag Reel (4:54/HD); and the film's Original Theatrical Trailer (1:19/SD). Watch for an appearance by Crispin Glover and understand that this was never going to be "the final chapter" for Jason. The 3D glasses are the exact same that were included in the 2009 DVD and Blu-Ray release of Friday The 13th Part 3. Cunningham (8:58/HD); Lost Tales from Camp Blood - Part 1 (7:31/HD); The Friday the 13th Chronicles (20:34/SD); Secrets Galore Behind the Gore (9:32/SD); and the film's Theatrical Trailer (2:34/HD).The ship's anchor unearths Jason, who hops aboard and starts slitting throats while the passengers run around accusing each other of lying about a killer onboard. The second one is the first where our beloved Jason is the killer, and the third is where he aquires his infamous hockey mask.

The most random extra though has to be a feature on Part VII that follows two female cast members as they get together for a makeover. But, I think there’s another, somewhat subtler, appeal to the series that’s actually enhanced by their general ineptitude: Jason, more so than any of the other 1980s monsters, is explicitly working class. There are a number of other endearingly strange extras that illustrate how aggressively this set is pitched at the fans.High school senior Rennie Wickham is in for the ride of her life – and possibly her death – when she and her classmates take a graduation cruise bound for New York City. That said, the set does make up for these losses with the extra-special attention it pays to the films that’re here. The disc's supplements are the same as the previous Blu-ray and include: A Commentary by Director Ronny Yu, Robert Englund and Ken Kirzinger; Genesis: Development Hell (10:22/SD); On Location: Springwood Revisited (14:33/SD); On Location: Cabin Fever (6:09/SD); Art Direction: Jason's Decorating Tips (11:33/SD); Stunts: When Push Comes to Shove (21:38/SD); Make-Up Effects: Freddy's Beauty Secrets (6:30/SD); Visual Effects Featurettes (35:22 total/SD); My Summer Vacation: A Visit to Camp Hackenslash (3:57/SD); Pre-Fight Press Conference - Bally's Casino Las Vegas, July 15, 2003 (3:48/SD); Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Ronny Yu (16:10/HD); How Can I Love Music Video by Ill Nino (3:15/SD); TV Spots (3:46/SD); and the film's Theatrical Trailer (1:12/HD). For my money, the Friday The 13 th series has never wielded the charm—not to mention the frequently surreal imagery– of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, and so it’s always been my second-favorite slasher franchise.

Only a few survivors reach New York, where the bloody rampage spills into the gritty streets and subways of Manhattan in a deadly game of hide-and-seek – leading to a toxic confrontation with Jason for one final time.Little do they know that crazed serial killer Jason is a stowaway who quickly transforms the teen-filled 'love boat' celebration into the ultimate voyage of the damned! It should be noted that the audio and video are both as crisp as one could hope for (in non-Blu-ray), but that I would’ve been much, much happier to be seeing these in 1080p, especially the 3D third installment. In the case of this film, we learn—and in a conscious reversal of the mother-son dynamic that informed Psycho—that the baddie is a middle-aged woman stalking the camp that had once allowed her little son Jason to drown.

This one’s got the most “Kills” in it (which I know because—like we mentioned above—each “page” in the set’s “book” tells you how many “Kills” each film has; this one features “death by X-Acto blade, outboard motor, and Jason’s bare hands”)(! This character is a blatant rip-off of Stephen King's Carrie White character but Shepard is at least willing to fight back against Jason. The picture is frequently soft and there is some haloing, though these movies never really looked very good to begin with, but the clarity here is, however, greater than the worn-down VHS prints I originally encountered in the 1980s. Both Paramount and New Line Cinema have avoided the urge to polish the look of these movies with obtrusive digital tools, and I suspect these Blu-rays closely replicate the theatrical experience. I don't necessarily agree but it's hard to argue that Part III is anything more than a carbon copy of the previous two films glossed up with some tricky camera moves.Miner again directs and has a bit of fun with objects shooting toward the audience (this is far less fun in 2D). Instead of setting 2/3 or more of the film in the city, most of the action actually takes place aboard a small cruise ship, where a high school class is celebrating its upcoming graduation. Part 1 however is the same version, down to the disc art, as the collectors ed I bought a couple of years ago and DOES have all the extras, including a very good Making Of and decent commentary. But, Jason begins doing his job too well, and Freddy has trouble transitioning back into the real world.

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