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Indeed, Suetonius says that in Caesar's Gallic triumph, his soldiers sang that, "Caesar may have conquered the Gauls, but Nicomedes conquered Caesar. The soldiers were each given 24,000 sesterces (a lifetime's worth of pay); further games and celebrations were put on for the plebs. After assuming control of government, Caesar began a programme of social and governmental reform, including the creation of the Julian calendar. When Clodius took an anti-Pompeian stance later that year, he unsettled Pompey's eastern arrangements, started attacking the validity of Caesar's consular legislation, and by August 58 forced Pompey into seclusion. Cato had marched to Africa [174] and there Metellus Scipio was in charge of the remaining republicans; they allied with Juba of Numidia; what used to be Pompey's fleet also raided the central Mediterranean islands.

He was alleged to have wanted to join in on the consul Lepidus' revolt that year [20] but this is likely literary embellishment of Caesar's desire for tyranny from a young age. After becoming himself besieged, Caesar won a major victory which forced Vercingetorix's surrender; Caesar then spent much of his time into 51 BC suppressing any remaining resistance. Sulla took the city in 82 BC, purged his political enemies, and instituted new constitutional reforms. The GayBCs is perfect for fans of A Is for Activist and Feminist Baby—showing kids and adults alike that every identity is worthy of being celebrated.

Despite the fact that Pompey declined Caesar's later offer to form another marriage connection, their political alliance showed no signs of strain for the next several years".

Claiming to have completed the peninsula's conquest, he made for home after having been hailed imperator. The archives are located in Vancouver's West End, traditionally the epicenter of the city's gay and lesbian community.

Ostensibly seeking to interdict British aid to his Gallic enemies, he led expeditions into southern Britain in 55 and 54 BC, perhaps seeking further conquests or otherwise wanting to impress readers in Rome; Britain at the time was to the Romans an "island of mystery" and "a land of wonder". They had decided that a Senate meeting was the best place to frame the killing as political, rejecting the alternatives at games, elections, or on the road. The one thing that I like about this book — picture and alphabet books — is their common structure for young people. While some of Caesar's enemies, including Catulus, alleged that he participated in the conspiracy, [49] the chance that he was a participant is extremely small. Their attempts to amass political power were opposed by many in the Senate, among them Cato the Younger with the private support of Cicero.

He, however, withdrew from the island in the face of winter uprisings in Gaul led by the Eburones and Belgae starting in late 54 BC which ambushed and virtually annihilated a legion and five cohorts. This also was the core of his war justification: that Pompey and his allies were planning, by force if necessary (indicated in the expulsion of the tribunes [149]), to suppress the liberty of the Roman people to elect Caesar and honour his accomplishments. noting the victory of curule aedile Publius Licinius Crassus in 212 over senior consulars and plebeian tribune Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus over consulars.

The decisions on the normal operation of the state – justice, legislation, administration, and public works – were concentrated into Caesar's person without regard for or even notice given to the traditional institutions of the republic. Fitting information within that common familiar structure can help introduce a new topic in a familiar way. On 7 January, his supportive tribunes were driven from Rome; the Senate then declared Caesar an enemy and it issued its senatus consultum ultimum. L. Webb), teaches LGBTQ+ vocabulary with poems and illustrations in an attempt to help readers ages 4 to 8 begin to have a dialogue about identity with their loved ones.

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