McFarlane Toys, DC Multiverse 7-inch Dark Flash Action Figure, Collectible DC The Flash Movie Figure with Unique Collector Character Card – Ages 12+

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McFarlane Toys, DC Multiverse 7-inch Dark Flash Action Figure, Collectible DC The Flash Movie Figure with Unique Collector Character Card – Ages 12+

McFarlane Toys, DC Multiverse 7-inch Dark Flash Action Figure, Collectible DC The Flash Movie Figure with Unique Collector Character Card – Ages 12+

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Since the plot details are being kept very secretive for the time being, we could also assume that they might be taking the character into a completely new and original storyline. Speculation and theorising are all that can be done for now, at least until we have a better look at these characters through the form of a trailer or by watching the film itself. Michael Keaton will be returning as Batman along with Sasha Calle’s involvement as Supergirl, with many more characters being a part of the multiverse-driven DC movie ‘The Flash’. Thanks to the toy reveal of the spiky-costumed character and the Japanese trailer, we know that Dark Flash will be playing a role in the movie. Mark Waid and Paul Pelletier created the character. He first appeared in DC comics The Flash #150 in 1990. The character is actually Walter West, a different version of The Flash (Wally West) from an alternate timeline. Walter goes down a dark path that leads him to become the opposing Flash character after he is unable to save his wife Linda Park’s life. There are two other things that make this Supergirl figure stand out from the others: The cape and the stand. The cape, unlike the two Batman figures below, is made from soft molded plastic which gives Supergirl a really nice look while posed in a flying way, but other than that it doesn’t hold any function. As the great character Edna Mode liked to say “No capes!”, I think this would have been a better look for not only this figure but the character design as a whole. That being said, the other thing I mentioned, the stand, is a great accessory here. The simple claw on the end of a raised stand gives the Supergirl figure a floating or flying look to it that is something different from the other figures, making it stand out a lot. However, it does limit the pose-ability of the figure to those two modes really, something that could be fixed with… NO CAPES!! This figure of Dark Flash adds to the mystery of the character, as we still know nothing about him after the fact, something that is unique for this figure line. Is this Dark Flash a version of Barry turned evil? Is he the Speed-Force version of the Grim Reaper? Is he a by-product of Flash changing the timeline? No idea, but seeing this design makes me excited to see what this villain can do in The Flash movie.

In an alternate 2013 created by the time-traveling Barry Allen, teenage Young Barry has grown up carefree with the support of both his parents – but is yet to experience the events that will transform him into The Flash. Full of excitement and wonder at the arrival of his older self, visiting in 2022, Young Barry is eager to discover whether he is able to gain the very same powers and become a superhero in his own right.” The 2023 ‘The Flash’ movie from the Warner Brothers’ DC Universe is going to be featuring multiple Flash variants, similar to the comics and the CW live-action series. It has already been confirmed that the plot of ‘The Flash’ will be centred around Barry Allen traversing through the multiverse, in a similar style to the Flashpoint comic storyline. One variant, in particular, has just been revealed in further detail via new merchandise art found being shared online. We still have a while to wait for the film’s official release, as it is currently set to drop in theatres this June, so promotional art is all we have for the meantime. Starting things off is the star of The Flash… The Flash! In this assortment, we get 2 versions of The Flash, with the first one (As seen above) being the “main” Flash from the movie. When Barry Allen arrives in an alternate 2013, he urgently seeks out the expertise of his friend and mentor Bruce Wayne – but the one he finds in the Multiverse is different on all fronts: older, long-retired from service as Gotham City’s protector, and somehow even more hardened than the billionaire superhero Barry has grown to know. With a global threat on the horizon, Bruce Wayne must decide whether he can become Batman once more.” RELATED: Warner Bros. ‘Wonder Woman 3’ Cancelled, What Does This Mean For The DC Universe’s Future?As he pushes the boundaries of his powers, Barry Allen encounters a mysterious and terrifying vision amidst The Speed Force – something, or someone, is seemingly using the abilities of The Flash for nefarious purposes.” The Flash is a simple figure, with his detailing coming in line with most other Flash toys you would have seen over the years. The bright red costume with small yellow accents is as close as the movie is willing to get to any comic book-accurate costume in years, with the CW TV show being the next closest version. Who is Dark Flash? A new complex character will be making his way into the DC Universe with a debut in The Flash. The new film will be premiering on June 16. Due to a toy reveal and a Japanese trailer for The Flash, it is known that Dark Flash will appear in the movie and may even play a significant antagonist role. This mysterious character who will be introduced in The Flash has raised a lot of questions. Who Is Dark Flash? Image source: YouTube via The Review Spot

Under the guise of masked vigilante Batman, billionaire Bruce Wayne has not only stepped out of the shadows to become the reluctant leader of The Justice League but is also a friend and mentor to teammate Barry Allen. Having experienced loss on personal, local, and global fronts, Bruce is a source of unparalleled knowledge and understanding to The Flash in his superhero journey.” Languishing in the bowels of what appears to be a derelict military base, the severely weakened alien Kara Zor-El has been hidden away from the world by those in fear of her colossal power. It remains to be seen if Kara will have the strength to join forces with Barry Allen and become the superhero the world needs: Supergirl.”The same shot appears smoothed out in the American trailer. DC fans might have their own Spider-Man: No Way Home moment here, when foreign language trailers of No Way Home barely hid the inclusion of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

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